VCDS / Vag-com

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VCDS (formerly called Vag-com) is a powerful dealer-level diagnostic tool for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat.

What can VCDS do?

It can read the vehicles DTCs or Diagnostic Trouble Codes.  Many parts of the car, not just the engine, can generate a DTC to tell the operator where a problem may lie.

VCDS coding – If you add, for example, a set of fog lights or a trailer socket it is by recoding that you tell the vehicle that a change has been made.

VCDS adaptation – Some replacement parts, such as the brake pads on vehicles with an electric hand-brake or throttle pedals need to be “adapted” to the car after fitting so that the car can “learn” their individual properties.

Some maintenance procedures require VCDS.  Adjusting the timing after a cam belt or pump belt has been replaced and resetting the service interval (SDI) following an oil change for example need to be done via VCDS.

A full scan will cost £25 and you can take home a full print-out or have it emailed to you.  There is no obligation, you can take the scan to your usual garage or choose to have your repairs, further investigations or modifications done at Ffics.