About Us

The VW T4 is our passion and what we work on most. We love working on the older transporters and LTs, but the T4 forms the core of work. There are jobs that we see over and over again as the fleet of T4s gets to a certain age, here is a list of some of the more common jobs:
Cruise control – The 2.5 TDI T4s can accept cruise control, as can the T5 if it has electric windows.
Keys – All T4 keys can be made and programmed, as can T5s to 2009.
Electrics – Loom issues and general electric woes.
VCDS Vag-com – This tool is in use daily and is essential when digging a little deeper into faults, performing adaptations or coding.
Remapping – FFics is remapping all vehicles under Quantum Tuning
Injector upgrades – Supply, fit, and tune Project Power injectors from Ron at United Diesel.
General servicing
Gear linkages – This job is becoming very common.  Low in parts cost but high in knuckle skin cost (depending on the number if heating pipes fitted).
Sliding door locks, rollers and alignment
Timing belts

We have our fingers in a few other automotive pies!

Amongst others;

Full or part wiring looms and ECUs for road or track

Camper conversions

Even conversion of BMW classic bikes to “Cafe racers”!


Automotive “stalks” have many functions – lighting, wash/wipe, horn etc and suffer with wear from the millions of times they are operated.  They are complicated switches and it only needs one element to stop working or to work some of the time to make driving safely a real issue.  At Ffics we recondition and test all types of classic “stalks”.  We hold a small stock of ready to go items, but we prefer to try and repair your stalks to preserve the originality of your classic car.

We have some Lotus Talbot Sunbeam stalks available at the moment, please get in touch.

We also buy non-working stalks to repair or use for spares.

All stalks are cleaned inside and out, repaired and tested mechanically and electrically.

Automotive sanding blocks

If you have a tricky body profile to repair, such as the swage line that runs down the side of a vehicle or a repeating profile like the corrugations of a floor or pickup bed, then these sections can be hard to sand accurately.  Using a profiled hardwood block which has been made on a spindle moulder using custom made knives is by far the quickest and most accurate way.

sanding block

This is the VW Caddy Mk1 bed profile sanding block.  If you are interested in having a block made to suit your specific needs, then please use our contact form.

Using a flexible fabric backed abrasive will give the best results.