What is Diesel Rhino?

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Diesel Rhino was developed by Ronen Goodfriend and Gareth DaCosta and was released in July 2012. Several key vehicle and motoring internet forums were involved in its evaluation and testing, notably the VW T4 forum.  Since that time it has gone from strength to strength and is manufactured wholly in the UK to ISO:9001 standards.

It has five main components and benefits:

Lubricity – it may seem like a strange word but it is the industry standard term when referring to the lubricating properties of a liquid. Diesel Rhino has an agent which increases the lubricity of diesel fuel. Higher lubricity means less wear.  The team who developed Diesel Rhino conducted a 200,000 mile comparison between two vehicles, one under the Diesel Rhino treatment program, the other on standard road diesel. The engine treated with Diesel Rhino showed no signs of wear at all in it’s fuel system, whilst the fuel system of the untreated vehicle showed significant wear.

In a drive to limit vehicle emissions some of the components of road diesel which are responsible for its lubricity have been reduced.

Cetane – Diesel Rhino has a cetane improver which allows the diesel fuel to combust more readily and fully. The cetane index of diesel is a measure of its combustibility, much as the octane rating is for petrol.

Injector cleaners – Diesel Rhino will clean your injectors and keep them clean, in a non-aggressive way so that it can be used in the long term.

Water removal – Water which settles in the bottom of your fuel tank or exists as globules suspended in diesel is bug heaven, especially at the diesel/water interface. It is also abrasive when pumped at high pressure, just think of the industrial technique of the water jet cutting of steel. It can also expand and turn to steam in the injector causing catastrophic damage. Diesel Rhino has a component which binds to water and draws it safely through the system.

Antioxidants – With three antioxidants Diesel Rhino will keep your diesel fresh in your diesel tank or heating oil tank.


Modern diesel engines contain many components which reduce the efficiency of your engine if they are not working properly, such as the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) systems. Diesel Rhino will help maintain these systems as well as reducing smoke, particulates, NOx and Carbon Monoxide.


All of these features have the added benefit of increasing performance. Fuel economy increases too, as long as your driving style remains the same! Cold starting is also improved and as the weather turns colder, untreated diesel will be more susceptible to waxing and gumming.


The team who developed Diesel Rhino can be contacted via their dieselrhino.co.uk site, via Facebook here, or on the popular and extremely useful VW T4-T5 forum, and are usually happy to chat.


No-one at Ffics works for Diesel Rhino, but we are approved stockists, fans and users of Diesel Rhino.